Steps for Members to take to fight Climate Change
Use less energy
Use Renewable Energies as much as you can, such as switch to Wind or Solar providers when available
Skip long-haul flights as often as you can
Drive less & Bike more
Buy local and seasonal foods
Eat more plant-based meals
If you are in food business, such as Restaurants, Hotels, etc.:
  • Serve more plant-based meals
  • Reduce Your Food Waste
  • Encourage your staff to Bike
Support politicians that are for addressing Climate Change and do not think Climate Change is a hoax
Switch to electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicles
Ensure Climate Change remains a priority throughout your entire supply chain
Use Sustainable Web Hosting Services
Plant Trees around your Small business. Good rule is 1 Tree for each 10 person you employ. If you do not have the land around your business, use related services [1] [2] [3]