Voting & Process to Raise Funds
Voting process to get funded will run every Quarter
Voting round starts on 1st day of the Quarter and runs for 60 days
Vote tally is made in the last 30 days of the Quarter
Businesses that received most Votes will be awarded their Funding requests
Funding are provided from Members Bank
We will fund as many Pitches as the Member Bank allows
Any remaining funds roll into Member Bank for the next Voting Quarter
After closing a round, we perform due diligence on companies
Upon completion of due diligence funds are distributed to winning companies
If business fails due deligence the next Pitch with the most Votes will be funded
Businesses that do not get enough Votes to get funded can try again
Businesses must wait one Voting round before trying again
Businesses can Pitch maximum of 2 times per Year to get funded
Businesses can Pitch maximum of 5 times total to get funded
  • We have $5-Million in Members Bank
  • We have 100 businesses that have Pitched to raise Funding for average of $500K
  • This means we will fund about 10 businesses, the top 10 that have received the most Votes
  • The other 90 businesses will not be funded
  • Businesses that have failed to get most Votes to get funded can try again