Rules & Regulations for Pitching to Raise Funds
Your business must be located in one of the Countries that we serve
You must have a business bank account in the Country where you are located
You must have a good quality Site with a Fully qualified Domain (FQDN)
At time that you Pitch to raise funds you are a Small business with 0 to 50 employees
You must post a minimum 2 Minute Video of founders stating your Pitch
You must be a member in good standing for 90 days before Pitching
You have not received VC funding as that would be unfair competition
All information stated in your Profile and Pitch must be 100% accurate
Your business is not in our unacceptable list such as: Porn, Drugs, Gambling, etc.
If you are successful in Pitching to Raise funds, you will adhere to our Funding Obligations - details
[1] You can post many more Videos of yourself, your Pitch, your business etc. - but one 2 Minute Video is the Minimum to post
[2] It is Ok that you have received funding from Family, Friends, Angels, NSF, or any State & local support networks
[3] Refer to the full list of unacceptable businesses for businesses that cannot Pitch to Raise Funds via CollectiveBoost