The Social network to Boost Small businesses and to address Climate Change bottom Up
Democratizing Access To Capital & Addressing Climate Change
Social network to enable Small business members to connect, trade & grow
Where members can Pitch to
Raise from $50K to $1.5Mill
even if pre-revenue
A purpose driven Collective to combat Climate Change "bottom Up"
Its like Shark Tank™ meets the Social Network, with US the members being the Sharks and you retain 100% equity - with dual purpose of addressing Climate Change - how cool is that!
Where you can meet businesses that can help you grow your business, because you help them to grow their business. A place where you can pitch to raise from $50K to $1.5 Mill even if you are pre-revenue, with these funds raised not as a Debt or Loan, but as a Grant, based on you having the best business idea and committing to address Climate Change via your business. With who gets Funded democratically & transparently decided by members of the Collective via their Votes. That incredible place is CollectiveBoost...
Why CollectiveBoost?
Most New/Small businesses have
Little to NO access
to Risk capital
When your business does not qualify for VC funding or is pre-revenue
Your only access to capital then is to borrow against equity in your homes
Thus many great ideas & dreams on Main Street are not becoming real
Large part of Climate Change is at Street level, via Small business activities
Most Small businesses do not have funding to make Climate Change a priority
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How does it work?
You join Social network for nominal fee of $49 per Month
We connect you to others based on what you offering & seeking to grow together
You get 10 CollectiveBoost Coins per Month for Trading & Voting
We place Half of all of our Revenues into Members Bank
After being members for 90 days, you can Pitch to Raise from
$50K to $1.5Mill
In your Pitch you will present why your business or idea should be funded by the Collective
A key part of your Pitch will be about how you plan to address Climate Change
Members vote for businesses with best Pitch and best plan on Climate Change
From Members Bank we fund Pitches that receive the most Votes
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Where We Serve?
In phase-1 we will serve businesses in countries listed below only
Rules & Details
We have a set of simple, fair and logical Rules for businesses that want to Pitch to Raise funds via . Make sure your Business & Pitch adheres to these simple Rules and you are good to GO to Pitch to Raise funds
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Voting & Funding Process
Voting & Funding Process is transparent and democratic. With the Collective voting to fund best Pitches. With the best Pitches receiving the amounts they have Pitched to raise until Member Bank is depleted
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Obligations & Commitments
Funds that you may Raise via are provide to you as a Grant. Under certain conditions, where you commit to abide by steps we have for reducing carbon emissions and making positive impact on Climate Change, providing fair employment and supporting other Social causes, etc.. And commit to pay back to the Collective if you are successful...
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State of the art in Social network technology
Although is very Easy to use by the members, it is a very complex piece of technology underneath. This complex Social network technology is provided to us exclusively by Anoox Social network that has 10+ Years experience in this area
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is exactly the purpose of ?
Our purpose are 3 things:
  • To be the Collective, the Social network, that enables our Small business members to connect, trade & grow
  • To provide a novel Funding mechanism for Small businesses and businesses that are pre-revenue
  • To be a purpose driven Collective to combat Climate Change and other Social causes
Can any one join?
Yes any person or business can Join by applying and paying the nominal monthly membership fee of $49 and committing to do your best in implementing the steps for addressing Climate Change and other Social causes that the Collective supports

However, to Pitch to raise funds you need to be in one of the select Countries that we currently serve for this purpose and must meet all the other Rules we have for this purpose as listed here

Who decides which Pitches get Funded?
the members of the decide democratically and transparently which Pitches get Funded based on you Voting for them.
With the top Vote getting Pitches getting Funded as per the amount of Funds available in the Members Bank - see details
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What Do Small Business Owners Say
CollectiveBoost is like Shark Tank meets the Social Network, with US the members, the Collective, being the Sharks. And for us Small businesses to come together to fight Climate Change as a collective. This is exactly what we Small businesses need to give us a real chance at success and this is what the Planet needs in addressing Climate Change... HOW cool is that!
Resturanter - London UK
What I want to know is what took the technology community so long to come out with CollectiveBoost. Since it seems the most ideal democratic and transparent way to fund new business since well we need funding to create the services and products that enable us to have revenues...
Gym Owner - Montreal Canada
As a Small business start-up who has tried obtaining funding from Banks, SBA and other sources and has been Rejected again and again because "we have no revenues" I feel CollectiveBoost gives me a "level playing field" for 1st time to obtain funding.... And feel even better being member here because we are all committed to combat Climate Change which affects us all...
Beauty Products - Chicago US
Above testimonials are not Real but sample holders for this section
Our Numbers {of course our Goals for now}
1 Million
Quarterly Pay Outs
$75 Million
Businesses Funded
based on average Funding of $500,000 per business
CO2e Emission Reductions
1 Million Metric Ton
Above numbers are Projections of what we can and hope to do once we are fully operational
Help us build
Into the kind of Collective that you want to Boost your Small Business and help address Climate Change

After all we are building this Collective for YOU and YOU and YOU and OUR Mother Earth by combating Climate Change one Small business at a time

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Refer & Earn
Know a company looking to Raise funds and to fight Climate Change at the same time? That can benefit from joining this Collective?

Refer them and earn 5% of any funds that they Raise with us. So if you refer 10 new members, and one of them Raised $1-Mill, you earn $50K

That Simple & Rewarding

Refer & Earn
is the solution
To Grow your Small business and Raise funds, that you wished you had. And now you do ...
Connect with new clients when you want
Pitch to Raise funds when you want
Cancel when you want
Get involved in fighting climate change
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We didn't start because we loved Small business funding. Actually, quite the opposite! We found the process to be frustrating opaque and arbitrary: really pre-Internet age. Where all the power is with Big Banks and Small businesses get no Love. At the same time the fact is that a Huge part of the Climate Change happens at Street level via Small business activities. So to really address Climate Change we need to help Small businesses to partake in this effort "
Bottom Up
So we set out to change this for Good
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